Bear, lovingly referred to as Bear Bear, is a 9 yr old female Umbrella cockatoo. By the time Bear came to live at our sanctuary, we were at least her 6th home in her short 7 years of life! She came to us in very poor feather condition with very dingy stained feathers as the result of living with a smoker, and she despised baths and mistings. Bear Bear had been on a poor quality, store bought "parrot diet" of dry seeds, corn, peanuts etc., but now she can't wait to forage through her bowl of fresh grains, veggies, fruits and seeds! Although little Bear still dislikes to be misted with a spray bottle, she is now learning and enjoying how to bathe in a bowl under running water! Regular bathing is crucial to maintaining good health in dusty cockatoos like Bear.

Favorite treat: mashed banana with ground walnuts

Favorite toy: Aronico's Aglet Heaven (large)  It's the only toy that we've found that keeps Bear busy and distracted from her feather destructive behavior.

Sponsored by Deb and Steve!