Dallas is a 16 year old, male Umbrella cockatoo who arrived at our sanctuary suffering with severe panic attacks and extreme feather destructive behavior (FDB) including pulling out blood feathers from his wings and tail. Dallas came from a home where his elderly companion had injured herself in a fall and no longer lived in the house. As a result, Dallas was left all alone in the dimly lit house for several weeks. Dallas had lived with a family for the first 5 years of his life until he bit one of the children. They then gave Dallas to their relatives who kept him for the next 10 years until he came to live here at our sanctuary. At some point during those 10 years, Dallas bit the woman, who then became too afraid of him to interact with him or to let him out of his cage. As a result, this intelligent wild soul was imprisoned in his dirty cage for at least 5 straight years and most likely even longer! Poor diet and a life imprisoned in a cage, led this beautiful boy to develop severe panic attacks and to inflict pain upon himself. After living here at our sanctuary, Dallas' panic attacks seem to have subsided and while he still chews on his feathers, he no longer pulls his feathers out from his wings and tail.    

Favorite food: Dallas came to us on a very poor diet which included Cool Whip and a lot of peanuts in shell. While he's been a little reluctant to eat fresh food, he is now eating fresh corn, garbanzo beans, a small amount of quality seeds including milk thistle, and in place of Cool Whip he now gets an occasional treat of non-dairy yogurt.

Favorite toys: Toilet paper and paper towel rolls, paper birdie bagels, any toy with a bell and toys made with a lot of pine wood for chewing.


Dallas - recurring monthly donation of $100 

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