Ruby is a 26 year old female Eclectus parrot who came to us from a horrific hoarding situation. Upon her arrival, this little girl was showing obvious signs of FDB (Feather Destructive Behavior), and although she pulls out her feathers, she is still a beauty!  Our Grey-headed parrot, Ayo, agrees as he whistles at Ruby from across the room and visits her every chance he gets.

Ruby has also had an ongoing battle with chronic egg laying and egg-binding from which we almost lost her twice! Our vet is now giving Ruby a hormone implant to help address this problem. Currently she needs the implant repeated about every 4 months. Sponsoring Ruby would really help with the cost of her ongoing treatments.

Little Miss Ruby loves her fresh food and Harrison's organic pellets but has a "sweet beak" for sure as she will devour any sweet fruit first . . . mango, strawberries, pomegranates and figs!

 Annual donation of $600

Sponsored by Pete and Janna!