Truman, a 9 yr old male Bare-eyed cockatoo, came to our sanctuary in 2016. Truman was never given a name prior to his rescue and was only referred to as "pretty bird." He had lived his entire life in a tiny filthy cage with only one plastic dowel perch and no toys. After Truman's human died, he was left all alone for several weeks in her home while family members occasionally came in to feed and water him. His food, a poor diet of dried seeds and corn, was infested with bugs!

Here at our sanctuary, Truman has learned to love foraging through fresh food to find his favorites, particularly pomegranate, green peas and string beans. He will really go the extra mile for his most favorite food in the world - fresh walnuts! Truman has also grown from being terrified of toys to eagerly interacting with his toys and other enrichment throughout the day, and he loves his spray bottle showers!

Truman - recurring monthly donation of $75

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